So. I’ve accumulated random data lately. Not intentionally really, it just seemed to happen. Does that ever happen to you, where you realize you’ve learned some new things without really seeking to learn new things? It’s kind of funny.

For instance, did you know that Red-tailed Hawks eat squirrels? I’d never given it a thought until I saw a hawk eating a squirrel in my neighbor’s front yard. This is what you get when you have a wildlife sanctuary behind your house I guess. I found it very cool and I admit I watched for a bit. How often do you get to witness something so wild happening in plain sight?!

The hawk I saw was a little lighter than this one, with more speckles on his back. He was so beautiful!

I also recently learned that potholders wear out. Again, I’d never given it a thought until I grabbed my 25 year-old pot holders to take something out of the oven and actually burned myself in the process! Apparently they get thin and less insulated. Lesson learned. These potholders were a wedding shower gift. I’m a little sad that they’ve outlived their usefulness.

The other day, while talking to Becky, I learned that cows contribute to climate change. Did you know this?? According to Science ABC “Cows burp and fart methane -> Methane traps heat -> Trapped heat increases Earth’s surface temperature -> Global warming.” (Read the story here) This is in no way meant to get the ire up of any political or environmental activists out there – it’s just me passing on some information I found intriguing. Am I the only one who didn’t know this? Interesting, right?

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Someday these random bits of information may come in handy. I always impress myself when I watch Jeopardy and get some answers right! It’s usually trivia type information that I’ve picked up from here or there. Not that Alex Trebek is going to be quizzing contestants on the life expectancy of potholders, but you never know…

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