Welcome to Life In The Crooked Yellow Farmhouse! This blog is new, but my blogging life is not. I started my first blog over ten years ago as a way to keep connected with family and friends. That blog became a hodge podge of posts with no particular focus, so about seven years ago I started a new blog called “Life In The Blue House”. There I blogged about all manner of things related to my family and our lives in our blue house. Now I find myself with the opportunity to tap into something cool and different and fun – blogging from our new home, which happens to be a yellow farmhouse with lots of old, quirky charm. Here’s my disclaimer – I’m not very good at crafts or DIY projects, so if I post anything like that it will be honest to goodness, real life, trial and error you see – not creative perfection. And I don’t really enjoy cooking, so don’t expect recipes for the yummy goodness I create for my family – that’s just not who I am. However, I do like decorating our house, and part of the fun of moving into an old farmhouse is that I have lots of spaces to put together! I want to share that process here along with the stuff that makes our little farm our home. Simple, comfortable, relatable – hopefully those three words will describe my style, my home, and my stories.

So how did we get here? It’s a pretty cool story: For several years my husband and I dreamed of having a few acres and living a more countrified life, but we assumed the real estate market wouldn’t work in our favor when it came to selling our current house. On the off-chance that the market was behaving differently than we assumed, we invited a realtor friend over to see our house and give us a feel for if or when we should try to sell it. While she was at our house she thought of a family she knew who had looked at homes like ours and gave their realtor – her associate – a call. That was a Wednesday afternoon. Later that day, the family came to see our home. By the next evening, Thursday, we had agreed to a sale price and were officially under contract to sell our home!  That was all awesome and everything, but we didn’t have any idea where we’d be moving to. We knew we wanted space for our horse, and that we wanted to get a mini (or two) to keep her company. The house itself was kind of secondary to the outdoor space our new home would offer. We found a few places to consider, but nothing seemed even worthy of a visit. Then we spotted the crooked yellow farmhouse. It was on three acres and already had a lovely barn and fenced pasture space. It even had a chicken coop for our hens. And the location was perfect! The inside of the house wowed us even more with its charming original details and modern updates. We went to see the house on the Saturday after we went under contract with our current home, and by Sunday afternoon we were under contract to BUY it! Four days from the conversation with the realtor we had sold our house and bought a new one!

It was so clear that God’s hand was on every single part of the process. And while there were hiccups along the way, all things considered, it went pretty smoothly. God blessed us in every detail, like providing help on our moving days, or leading us to find our mini horses, or allowing us to get some things taken care of before we moved in. My prayer is that God will use the crooked yellow farmhouse to bless others as well!

The house is about 120+ years old. It has original hardware on the doors, plaster walls, coffered ceilings, and beautiful crown moldings. It also has unlevel floors, uncentered light fixtures, and the squeakiest floors you’ll ever encounter. All of its quirks and oddities add to its charm and make me love it. This picture captures a bit of its crookedness, hence the name The Crooked Yellow Farmhouse.

It’s country living in the city, and for us it’s simply perfect. I’m looking forward to sharing Life In The Crooked Yellow Farmhouse with you!