So. I can’t even believe that I’m posting a picture of our bathroom on the blog. Let me explain a bit about this particular bathroom. It is ‘vintage’. That’s what the realtor said. Vintage sounds better than ‘out-dated’, or ‘past its prime’, or ‘in need of help’. Bottom line – it’s old and tired and worn out. The sink is probably original to when they added the bathroom; the toilet – let’s not talk about the toilet; the floor looks like 1980 may have been to blame for that; and the tile is, well, blue. This is a project just screaming to be taken on, and yet it is most definitely one of those things where we will likely open a huge can of worms when we start messing with old flooring and older plumbing. Hopefully someday this will be a cool ‘Before’ photo and there will be an awesome ‘After’ to show you!

So why did I post a picture of our bathroom? Because I love my family. No, really. Stay with me here… A friend recently posted something about how she loves to cook and cooking is one way she shows her family that she loves them. We all do a million things each day for our families, but I’ve never thought of any of those things as a demonstration of my love for them. My friend’s comment made me think about what I do to show my family love. One thing that came to mind is cleaning. I like to clean. I like things to be clean. I enjoy CLEAN. According to a recent Facebook meme, I’ve been a lousy mother because I spent time cleaning my house while my children were young.  Apparently moms with messy houses are better mothers than those with clean ones. What. Ever. Don’t believe the lie, folks. We all do the mom thing differently, and that’s okay. For me, cleaning is a just one way I take care of my family and show them that I love them. This bathroom is my nemesis when it comes to cleaning because even after I’ve gotten up close and personal with all the nasty nooks and crannies it still looks yucky. Scrubbing this bathroom is a true labor of love because I really don’t enjoy doing it. But, my family is worth it! Ha! Sorry for the bathroom picture, but I hope you get my point. 🙂

Speaking of demonstrating love – this Bible verse always gets me:

“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” ~ Romans 5:8

Pretty amazing.