The birds love kitchen scraps

So. The chickens. I haven’t said too much about them lately. They’re doing swell. And even though we are in the dead of winter we are still getting two or three eggs per day. They are living the dream life in their cozy coop with their heated water jug and yummy kitchen scraps. They’re also getting plenty of chicken feed, but they LOVE leftovers from the house.  I’d say they have nothing to complain about.

Speaking of the house, how about we talk about something besides the holes in our walls. Let’s talk about the dining room. 🙂


The dining room was my least favorite room in this house when we moved in. It was a formal space with dark purple walls, gold sconces hung on the walls, and there was a crystal chandelier hanging over the table. The first thing we changed was the chandelier. This style is pretty popular now, and yet it’s still timeless, don’t you think.

Paint was next. I’m not sure if you can really tell how beautiful this blue color is in this photo. It has a bit of a grey undertone, but is soft and warm. I LOVE it! With a couple of coats of paint this room officially became my favorite room in the house!

Then there’s the clock. You know I have a thing for clocks, right? This one has a rustic wood frame and a cream-colored face. I knew the second I saw it that it had to hang in this spot. Clocks can be pricey, but this one was on sale at Target for less than $30! That’s right folks! Less than thirty bucks! Inexpensive and pretty – always a winning combination in my book. 🙂

The dining room is also home to a lovely fireplace. Fireplace mantels are easy to decorate for Christmas, but not as easy when it isn’t Christmas. This mantel is a work in progress, but it’s coming along. That ‘Gather’ sign is just right, and it seems the perfect word to hang in this space. The candle sticks are perfect because they add a bit of rustic formality to the room. This is our ‘formal’ dining room, but I don’t want it to be stuffy or fancy in any way. Fancy and stuffy don’t describe like in the crooked yellow farmhouse AT ALL. Ha!

The dining room, and its sparse mantle are still a work in progress, but so far I’m liking the direction we’re going with it. And at the moment there aren’t any holes in the walls in there which makes me love it even more!

Now, in other, completely random, news…

Remember way back when my washing machine pipes were frozen? I ended up going to the Laundromat to do a load of clothes. It wasn’t a big deal to do one load there, and the place was clean and decent. But, while I was there I noticed something sad – and funny…

This poor sock got left behind and will forever be separated from its clan of socks. I admit, it cracked me up to see a lone sock stuck to inside of the washing machine. I felt a little bad for the person who lost it, but mostly it just made me laugh. Because when you’re at the laundromat on a perfectly good Saturday afternoon stupid things like this make you laugh. At least they make me laugh. Because I’m weird like that. Seriously, who takes pictures of socks stuck to the side of a washing machine… Ha!



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