So. It isn’t often that I find myself having to do barn chores. My girls take turns and have worked out a schedule so that each day is covered. However, sometimes I fill in, and I truly don’t mind. It’s quiet and peaceful out there and mucking stalls is very gratifying work – it looks instantly better with each scoop of the rake! Ha! It also feels good to provide a nice, clean space for our animals, and even though they make a royal mess the second they step into their stall each night, I’m sure they appreciate how fluffy the bedding is and how fresh the water tastes. At least that’s what I tell myself!

Bella and Sandi like to be in the barn too. Bella is always on the lookout for mice and moles. She’s caught moles before and proceeded to shake them to death – it was awesome. not. When she comes out to the barn with me this is what she does:

She sits at the hay room door with her ears at attention. Her body is tense and ready to run the second she spies a critter. If I talk to her she politely glances at me and the resumes her intense watching of the hay room.

She was a little less intense the day that Sandi was out there with her. How cute are they standing at the door waiting to be invited in? They aren’t allowed in the hay room – too many nooks and crannies where they can find trouble. Any mice that live in there must know this since they stay out of sight. I’m really glad about that – it allows me to pretend that they aren’t there! Ha! I’m not really afraid of mice – but I don’t like to be surprised by them. Or have them touch me. Or be in my house. Or be anywhere that I am. Unless I know they’re there, in which case I leave and me and the mouse can both live happily ever after! 🙂