Intentional. Today’s Five Minute Friday writing prompt.

So. It’s been an interesting couple of weeks around here. The trials that come with living in an old house have been constant. Winter has been harsh and cold in more ways than one. And once upon a time these trials would’ve had me whimpering until Spring. BUT – God is good, people! I’ve learned that I get to CHOOSE my response to situations. And when I intentionally choose to be more focused on Him than on my trial I feel more blessed than stressed. The trial kind of fades into the background and the good stuff in my life takes center stage.

I think this is true whether we’re dealing with burst pipes, challenging children, illness, or whatever life dishes us. The difficult situation is still there, but our attitude is different. Our focus is different. It’d be too easy for me to zoom in on the holes in our walls and ceilings, and then moan and groan all the day long about it. But, by intentionally seeing the crazy amount of good things in my life I effectively change my disposition, my countenance, and my stress level. Dealing with the negative stuff gets a positive spin. How do you like that!?

Intentionally choosing to have a different attitude or outlook can take some practice – it has for me anyway! And it isn’t always easy. But, it’s always worth it.  What are some ways you choose to be intentional? I’d love to hear!






3 Thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Intentional”

  • I love this! My word for the year is “focus” so this really ties in! It’s so true that we can’t always choose our circumstances but if we are intentional about choosing our attitude and our focus it makes a big difference. Glad to be your neighbour at FMF today. Thanks for visiting my post too!

  • Yes and amen! We get to choose how we respond to situations. And you’re so right. When we choose to keep our focus on Jesus instead of on the trials, oh, the peace that can guide us. Yes, “more blessed than stressed,” as you put it. 🙂

    Great post! I’m choosing to live with my fixed on Jesus rather than on my trials.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve enjoyed yours. 🙂

  • Yes! Life is so hard and it is all about choosing our response. I’m learning to allow myself to feel the feelings of frustration or disappointment without letting them define the outcome.

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