So. One thing I did a few times on my previous blog was to Link Up with other blogs on an awesome site called Five Minute Friday. The premise is simple enough: each Friday we are given a one word writing prompt. For five minutes we write about that topic. No editing as we go, no planning ahead of time. It’s all about writing what comes to mind when we think of that one word. Interesting, right? I figured I’d give it a go here on my ‘new’ blog. This week’s one word prompt is:

Ready… Go.

The word motivate automatically makes me think about WHAT motivates me and WHY I’m motivated to do something. The biggest things that motivates me are my faith and my family. The reason they motivate me is simple: LOVE. I love my family and I love my God. Love is a pretty potent motivator, isn’t it. That love motivates me to do all sorts of things – sometimes it’s simply getting out of bed in the morning to see to my family’s needs before they go to school. And sometimes that love motivates me to step WAAAAYYY outside of my comfort zone in faith to do something really hard, like foster parenting. And…STOP.

I didn’t get very far, did I?! Ha! But still, it’s interesting to focus on one word like that and just let your mind take you where it will. Even if you don’t have a blog or whatever, it’d be a pretty cool journaling tool. Try it out and let me know what you think!

In the meantime, it is important to note that we are freezing our tushies off here in New England! And as owners of a little farm we are getting to experience the arctic freeze in a whole new way! BUT, I have to say that our daughters are amazing at taking care of the animals and going out to check on everyone, and I honestly don’t mind it when I have to go out to help. There is something really cool about having our horses here at home with us and being able to tend to their needs ourselves – although there is more stress involved too, more decisions to make, more work to do compared to boarding them with someone else. Still, I wouldn’t go back to the non-farm life. Even on these frigid days when the air literally hurts my face, I truly love it here on my little farm and in my crooked yellow farmhouse. 🙂

Stay warm!



10 Thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Motivate”

  • Gosh.. I was just sitting here nodding while reading this…even the foster parenting thing. We don’t have horses, but goats and a ton of birds… Gonna check out your blog more! 🙂

  • Hi Lisa. Love definitely motivates us to move beyond our comfort zone. And there isn’t a better reason. 🙂 My dream is one day to get back to New England and have a little farm house. I miss it! New England…never had the farmhouse. We are also feeling the chill here in Michigan with a face freezing -14 earlier but it is warming up to -4 now, and we see the sun!
    Visiting from FMF #68
    Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Kelly! Stay warm! We’re looking at 30 degrees on Monday. It’ll feel like short-sleeve weather. Ha! Thanks for visiting!

  • Yes! Love motivated me to cook in bulk during vacation so that I could stock my daughter’s freezer with enough meals to last her about two months–she has a busy toddler and is feeling stressed. I’ve always wanted to prep ahead, and I finally did it! Now I’m motivated to go home and do it for myself ;).

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