So. It’s my Five Minute Friday Link-Up day. I’m kind of impressed that I’ve been disciplined enough to take part in the link up for TWO WEEKS IN A ROW! Trust me, that’s discipline in my world. Ha!

Remember, the premise of Five Minute Friday is to take the weekly one-word prompt and free write for five minutes. No editing and no over thinking. Just. Write.

This week’s prompt is: SIMPLIFY

Ready. Go.

I’ve come to realize that I’ve entered a new season in my life. My children are independent – one is married, one is in college, and one is in high school. I’m not a mom taxi anymore and my schedule isn’t constantly dictated by the activities of my children. Essentially, my life has become more simplified with this new season. And I find that I’m pretty protective of that simplicity. Maybe it’s age – oh dear, that’s an unwelcome thought; maybe it’s wisdom – liking this concept better; or maybe it’s experience – yes, that’s probably it, but I totally get that it’s okay to say no to things that overextend our schedules. Being home, having days with NO PLANS, and leaving room to do whatever is important! I think it’s taken this new season to make me truly appreciate a simplified life with simplified schedules.


Once again, I didn’t get too far. Honestly, this prompt was hard for me. Hopefully next week’s will produce a better post! Ha!