So. November always makes me think of Thanksgiving! Does your mind go right to that spot too as soon as the calendar changes? Personally, I love that November kicks off the holiday season. And I don’t even mind that Christmas crowds into the space that used to be solely for Turkey Day. This is a polarizing issue, I know, so let’s focus on other things shall we.

Lately I keep seeing all manner of home decor with the word “GATHER” on it. Super cute home decor, I might add. That word – gather – seems appropriate for this month, don’t you think?  One definition of “gather” according to Merriam Webster is this:

1 :to bring together :collect     

I love that! Have you ever thought of a gathering as collecting the people you love so that they’ll be together with you? It cracks me up to think of gathering that way, but it’s true! I’m so looking forward to gathering our family together this Thanksgiving! This year is sweet on so many levels – celebrating in our new home, meeting our new baby niece, and having all of our children here with us, just to name a few.

Speaking of gathering – our hens are finally laying eggs in full force these days! Almost everyday we collect eggs from all six of them. When we first moved here they were still on the young side, but certainly old enough to be laying. I figured that the stress of the move affected their productiveness. And since there was some stress involved for them we did add some supplemental chicken feed to their diet. Normally they get layer pellets and kitchen scraps, but no supplemental stuff.  After two full weeks in their new coop they got their act together and began contributing eggs to the crooked yellow farmhouse! Now that they are laying regularly the supplements will stop. Those birds can get expensive if you get too crazy with all the feed options available! However, one thing I need to start soon is CORN. Corn is cheap. 🙂 They need more corn in their diet to fatten them up for the winter. Fat chickens are warm chickens. I could write a whole post on preparing your chickens for winter. It’s weird to me that I could do that! When exactly did I become the Crazy Chicken Lady!? Ha!

Around here gathering also means collecting horses to bring in for the night and lead out in the morning. It means rounding up resources for jobs that need to be done and putting together tools for jobs we can do ourselves. And it means sitting together for a meal or to watch a favorite TV show. But mostly it means, being with the ones we love. I hope it means good things in your house too!


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