gather2So. I’m thinking about that word “Gather” again. We recently had a large gathering here at the farmhouse. Our first. And I have to admit that I feel a little guilty because while I’m praying that our home will be a blessing to others, I was the one who was tremendously blessed by having them all here!  We gathered to celebrate the end of a wonderful soccer season, but it was more than that. We were also celebrating a fantastic group of kids, coaches who were really mentors and godly examples to our team, and new friendships that will grow and last. Our kitchen was overflowing with kids and parents, with laughter and conversations, and with food and fellowship – I loved every minute of it! 🙂

I’m going to be honest here and tell you that for me, gathering is an intentional thing. It doesn’t come naturally to me and I will usually choose staying in my quiet cocoon versus hosting or attending a gathering – especially if it involves new people or new places. However, once I’m in, I truly enjoy it. Am I the only person like that? Sometimes I have to force myself to step outside of my cozy, tiny world and do some gathering! When I do, I’m always glad I did.

I’m considering getting a little crazy and reeeaaallly stepping outside of my comfort zone. A friend suggested inviting a few of our neighbors over for dessert and coffee just as a get to know your neighbors kind of thing. I love the idea! But I can think of a million reasons why I shouldn’t/can’t/don’t want to do it. What do you think? Should I? Suggestions and advice appreciated!

One gathering I won’t need to step outside of my comfort zone for is Thanksgiving! I. Can’t. WAIT! We have both sides of our family coming down from Maine and this crooked old farmhouse will be filled to the brim. I will miss my brother and all the funny and cool things he’d be able to tell me about my old house – he’s one of those people who just knows about lots of stuff. Someday he’ll get himself here! 🙂 That’s the problem with gatherings – usually someone is missing. Do we spend time focused on their absence or do we immerse ourselves in the moment with those who are here? I think the answer is a little bit of both.  Take a moment here and there and miss those who can’t be with us, but don’t let it take away from the joy of being with the other people we hold dear. Perhaps this is easier said than done, I don’t know. However your Thanksgiving gathering looks, and whoever is there, I pray that you have a truly blessed day!

Matthew 18:20 ~
“For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”




2 Thoughts on “Gathering = Blessing”

  • Gathering beings me much anxiety I always worry that things aren’t just good enough my house isn’t clean enough it’s not big enough I don’t know what else to serve I don’t know what people will think so I just don’t do it I give you praise 4 stepping out of your box you’re such a lovely person always enjoyed being in your company and your other home was always so beautiful I’m sure everyone felt warm and welcomed

    • Jamie, all of those same thoughts run through my mind too! I’m glad to know I’m not alone! Thank you for your kind words! I think people see us far differently than we see ourselves sometimes. xo

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