So. I’ve wasted no time in getting Christmas set up around here. It was either dive in to the Christmas thing or keep working on decorating the farmhouse with non-holiday stuff. Seemed like a no brainer that I should focus my time and money on Christmas. And while I have gotten new things to add to our collection of holiday décor, I have to say that I’ve been quite happy with the way our old things have worked in our new house. As a matter of fact, I’ve actually used LESS decorations than I have in years passed, and have even decided that I won’t use all the Christmas trees I’ve accumulated over the years. I was on my way to becoming a Christmas tree HOARDER! The farmhouse saved me from that fate, however, and this year, including the real tree in our family room, we only have four – one in each of the main rooms on the first floor of the house. The tree in our family room holds the treasured ornaments that represent our history as a family. The other trees are simply decorations which add to the festiveness of the season. This tree is in our den, which is arguably the coziest room in our house.

The tree is small so an abundance of ornaments wasn’t necessary. And in total I believe I spent between $20 and $25 on all the tree trimmings.

The large pinecones came in a bag and we hot-glued hooks onto them. Michaels was having a huge sale and I only paid $4 for the pinecones and another $4 for the berry garland. The bells came from Home Goods and came in a tube with several bells in it. That was another $4. The buffalo plaid bows – how cute are they?? – came from Home Goods as well. And the little buffalo plaid gift boxes were from Wal-Mart for $2 a piece. I bought three of them.

The best part of this tree, though, is the pine cone topper! It is a custom design by our very own Allison made with pinecones we found in the pasture!  Free pinecones, hot glue, and imagination – you have to love that.

Now that the decorating is done it is time to focus on the shopping. I’m a huge online shopper. Being among the Christmas shopping crowds for too long makes me grumpy. I’d rather sit in the cozy quiet of our den and shop. I’m making decent progress too! How are you doing with your Christmas decorating and shopping? Finding any good décor or gift deals? Pass them on! 🙂

Merry Christmas!




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