So. It’s the little things that sometimes make a big difference. Paint is a little thing. Not expensive. Easy to do. No big deal if you mess it up. Still, it isn’t my favorite kind of project. I’m a messy painter, perhaps even a tiny bit careless. But, around here there are lots of projects that need to get done, many of which my husband will have to do. So, when it comes to painting I may have to put my DIY pants on and get to work!

My first painting project was this door. It is on our side porch. Incidentally, this porch was the inspiration for the name of this blog. See its crookedness? Anyway, the door was boring and bland and stained in places. Paint can help with all three of those ailments. 🙂




I decided to go with the same shade of red that is on our front door. Even though the two doors are nowhere near each other it made sense to me to have them match. Sorry for the poor picture quality. I’m pretty sure I was trying to take the picture without getting my paint smudged fingers all over my phone! Ha!

Little project, big difference! I like that.

We also need to paint the interior walls. That’s a much bigger project and one that is out of my league. My husband got started on the stair wall and upstairs hallway and already there is a huge difference in the feel of the house! I don’t dislike the color that’s on the walls now, but it is a bit too green, and the primary color palette we’re going with is blue and gray. Here he is getting it done.

This was by far the trickiest spot to paint in the whole house because of the extra high ceiling – one more reason there’s no way I was going to attempt to do it. He’s a pro.

Here’s the ‘After’ with our wall of photos finally in place! I know it’s hard to see the paint color, but it is a warm grey. I originally thought we’d simply use the same paint color we had in our previous house because I liked it a lot, but when Ed started painting we noticed that it just didn’t go. We figured out that the trim and moldings in this house are CREAM, not WHITE. The cream looks better with a warmer shade of grey so that’s what we decided to go with. And I love it! I love the cream trim too, and when it’s time to spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint we will go with cream! So pretty and so perfect for this old farmhouse. 🙂


I have to say that since we’ve lived here something has felt off. I couldn’t put my finger on it until that wall got painted. Then I realized that I was feeling a bit like I was living in someone else’s house. There wasn’t enough of ‘us’ in it. Not enough of our personal stamp on it. Something as simple as painting a wall changed that. Now it feels like we’ve made a mark, or at least we’ve started to. Such a simple thing that made a big difference! Thank you Ed!

And just because my baby child is cute and my husband is the best here’s a selfie that they took while they were hunting recently. <3