So. Christmas is upon us! Don’t you love this time of year? As I’m typing snow is falling outside making everything feel much more festive. Cue the Christmas music and a balsam scented candle and I’m almost sitting in a Hallmark movie! Ha!

I’m relishing this Christmas season. I’m truly trying to appreciate each little thing, while trying to figure out what things we’ll do next year that will be different from this year. I’m a planner, and having a plan helps me feel ready for things. Sometimes the illusion of being prepared is enough, and sometimes actually being prepared is essential. As I think about next year, it is the illusion of preparedness that I’m needing. *Next year our sailor girl will be deployed. The question of what Christmas will be like without her here lingers on my brain. Not in a ‘woe is me’ kind of way, but in a planner kind of way. The planning helps me feel prepared to have her away. I mean prepared in a ‘get ready for impact’ sort of way. I’m sure I’ll get to the ‘woe is me’ part soon enough! Ha!

It is important for you to know that even though she won’t be gathered with us next Christmas, and I will miss her, my pride in what she’s doing outweighs everything else. She is quite literally my hero and I’m incredibly proud to be her mom. She operates with honor and commitment. She’s tough and determined, and beautiful and brave. I’m not sure where her tenacity comes from, but I do know that I prayed so hard that God would use her strong-will and independent spirit for good, and this is where He’s led her. There’s so much peace in knowing that. 🙂

In thinking about my girl’s deployment, I’ve come to a couple of conclusions. First and foremost, it is the job of those of us who know and love my girl to make her preparations for deployment as stress free as possible. How? Simply remember that she isn’t choosing deployment over her life here; she is stepping up and answering the call of her country to defend and protect all of us. Offer her the respect she deserves. Ask her how you can help her prepare. Tell her that we will miss her, but we’ll be okay. Which leads me to my second conclusion: We will be okay while she is away. Right now, we take care of her while she prepares to be away from us. Then, when she leaves, we take care of each other.  Of course the care of her will continue with packages, mail, and updates from home – which will make the time go faster and the distance between us seem shorter. But, making sure we stay connected as a family and give each other the leeway to miss our girl will be so important. We have a pretty great family so this will be easy! 🙂

I also know that our girl will be okay. She’ll be surrounded by other sailors who are away from their families too, and they will take care of each other. They will celebrate the holidays together and be the family each of them is missing. That makes me feel better about her being away from us. As a Navy kid, I saw firsthand the incredible way the military community comes together, and knowing my girl will be part of that is pretty sweet.

But if I’m completely honest, the one thing that gives me the most comfort and peace, is my faith that God is going before our girl and paving a path for her. He will be with her each step of the way, and I have the privilege and honor of praying for her. Will you pray for her too? And for her unit as they prepare and especially while they are away?

*It is important to note that I won’t be sharing much at all about the deployment, only that it is happening.

Thank you for indulging me! xo