So. We’ve lived in the crooked yellow farmhouse for just over a month now and last night we experienced our first storm. You know the kind – the wind howls and the rain comes down sideways in sheets that pelt the windows while you try to sleep. I will say that I expected this old house to creak and groan as a general rule, but it really doesn’t make too many odd sounds in the night – except for last night. There was plenty of creaking, and branches hitting the house, and a fire truck screaming by at 2 a.m. Strange noises I wasn’t used to kept me awake and my mind working. I kept thinking of the horses in the barn and wondering if all was well out there. Then my mind drifted to the old trees that sit on our property – were they strong enough to weather this storm? When the power flickered I became alert and ready to check for fallen tree limbs, but then I figured I’d wake up Ed and he could do the checking if need be! Ha! He can sleep through anything, so all of this activity in the middle of the night didn’t really faze him. He did, however, indulge me and got up to see if he could tell where the weird creaking was coming from. He promptly fell back to sleep when the source couldn’t be identified – not that what was making the sound actually mattered, but it was nice of him to check nonetheless. This morning all is quiet. There are a few branches and lots of sticks laying around the yard, the ground is beyond soggy, and mud is the name of the game in the pasture, but the rain and wind have diminished a bit and the horses seem to have come through the storm just fine. Next time the creaks and groans will be more familiar and not so distracting from my sleep. And just like in our previous home those weird noises will be comforting in their own way. I mean, let’s be real, this farmhouse is over 120 years old! She has weathered PLENTY of storms – much worse than the gusty wind and sideways rain from last night! I’d say she is entitled to some creaking and groaning, wouldn’t you?

The horses look pretty miserable, but believe me, they’d rather be outside in the yucky weather than cooped up in their stalls. Still, I do feel a little bad for them. 🙁 Cici – the big horse – wears a turnout sheet on rainy days. It isn’t insulated, but it keeps her dry. The two minis (Irish is the brown one, and Whisper is the white) have never worn any sort of blankets according to their previous owner, but I’m considering turnout sheets for them too. I’ll have to do a little research and ask some other folks who have minis what they do. I will say that their coats are very thick and they really only get wet on the surface. If I wiggle my fingers into their coat the underneath is dry. Decisions, decisions. I’ll keep you posted…