So. I follow several people on Instagram who have a real passion and gift when it comes to decorating – specifically farmhouse decorating. Every pillow, every bit of wall art, every single piece of furniture captures the farmhouse feel perfectly. While I am aiming to honor the character of our old farmhouse, she will never have that level of magazine worthiness. CountryLiving magazine will never be banging on my Dutch front door to come in and get a peek, but YOU can get a peek right here – you lucky duck! Ha!

My approach to decorating is simple; I like practical things that look good and don’t cost too much. However, it typically takes me a LOOOONNNNGGG time to figure out and find what it is I’m looking for. This house has been fun to shop for because farmhouse is ‘in’, and most of the big ticket furniture items were left here. My job is to find things that make it ours – our taste, our style, our personality.

The kitchen table was one of the pieces left by the previous owner and I absolutely love it. It’s really, really long and will easily fit ten people around it. I was wanting to find a centerpiece that was both functional and pretty. Since it is in the kitchen, and is the place we eat most of our meals together it made sense to keep essentials like napkins and salt and pepper within easy reach. This wooden tray with its antique looking handles and rough-hewn texture fit the bill perfectly! Thank you Home Goods!

Practicality isn’t the only name of the game around here though, so I added some beautiful flowers from the Farmer’s Market along with a fall scented candle. Pretty and purposeful – a winning combination for sure!

Now, this bench – ugh. I want a long bench for one side of the table, but this one Just. Doesn’t. Work – for so many reasons – it’s too short, wrong style, and plasticky looking.



Here’s what our chairs look like. I found ours at TJMaxx and definitely paid a LOT less than I would’ve anywhere else!




Something along these lines is what I’m looking for in a bench.

But here’s my dilemma – nothing I find is long enough! Actually, that’s not true. I have found exactly what I’m looking for, but I’m too cheap to pay a lot of money for it! Ha! My plan is to patiently keep searching (that’s funny! Patient is not in my vocabulary!). The right bench at the right price is out there somewhere, I just know it!

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this bit of mini horse cuteness! You’re welcome.


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