So. Our house is old, but our furnace is not – as in, brand new in 2015 – and yet, it is malfunctioning and in need of professional help. It keeps shutting off and requiring me to go into the dungeon, eh-hem ‘basement’, and push the reset button. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that when I’m done with this post I will need to traipse down there and fix it again. The error code indicates that the sensor needs cleaning or replacing. The repair man said it is an easy fix and he will come ‘this morning’ to take care of it, but until then I get to take care of it. Ugh. Why ugh? Because the house is old, and so is the basement, and there are spider webs EVERYWHERE down there, and lots and lots of dust, wires, and big black pipes. I don’t like it.

The best part is that the only way to reach the basement is by going outside, then through a locked exterior door, and then down the stairs to this door which creeeaakkksss open in the creepy way you’d expect.

Don’t bother telling me that it doesn’t look that bad. All the lights are on in this picture and it is daytime so it looks a lot friendlier down there. Trust me, this isn’t someplace you want to spend too much time! There are a couple of positive things to note, however. One – it is toasty warm down there. And two – all the mouse traps are EMPTY. Thank you, Jesus, for keeping the mice out of our house – or at least out of my sight!

See? Shiny and new and kind of cool looking. The thing is actually pretty fancy and it works like a beast to keep this old farmhouse supplied with plenty of heat. And even though it’s kind of letting me down at the moment, I’m actually really thankful for it. Thankful that it is a new system and that the repair is a simple one; thankful that the previous owner shelled out the big bucks to replace the old furnace and that isn’t an expense we’ll have to contend with; and thankful that it is close to the door so I don’t have to travel very far into the basement to access it.

This furnace thing has me thinking about reset buttons – weird, right. But, sometimes we all need to hit reset and start over, don’t you think? Just like the furnace, we get worn out and need to shut down. We need to clean up from the junk life throws at us and begin anew. Do you find that you have a reset button? Or that you wish you did? I definitely have moments where I need a reset. For me, it’s usually an attitude adjustment that helps me. Negativity and complaining dirty up my attitude and make me miserable. When I’m able to step outside of my crummy attitude and acknowledge that I need a reset I try to take a minute to pray and ask God to help me out. Resetting, for me, always requires divine intervention. When I truly want to stop wallowing in the pit of negativity and complaining He is faithful to pull me out and help me start over. I also find that getting into my Bible and soaking up God’s word definitely resets my soul and gets rid of the grime that weighs me down!

Sometimes resetting simply means reconnecting with the people we love or the hobby we enjoy. Life’s busyness can wear us out and shut us down if we let it. I like to crash in front of the TV for a cheesy Hallmark movie with my girls at the end of a busy day. We poke fun at the predictability of the story line and point out the good vs. bad Christmas decorations. Simple, yet effective.

What do you do to reset? Are you like me and need God’s help for the serious attitude resets, or do you stay pretty even keeled and not need more than a simple TV watching kind of reset?

One place I enjoyed resetting and taking a moment to decompress before it got too cold out was this room:

This is our little sun porch and it is the exact opposite of the basement. It is bright and airy and clean. 🙂 From here you can see the meadow and mountains all while not being bothered by bugs! You can also see the driveway and the neighbor’s house, but we just don’t focus our attention in that direction. Ha!

Have a blessed day!