So. It turns out that the big horse, Cici, is afraid of snow people. Or maybe she just doesn’t like them. I don’t know. Either way, all I know is that I spent a fair amount of time building a snow lady in the pasture as a little gift to my equine friends. I built her tall and round and carefully broke baby carrots into smaller pieces to form eyes and nose, necklace and belt. I also added a fluffy wig made from hay. What more could a horse want, right? Once I’d finished building my masterpiece, I headed inside to warm up. The girls stayed outside finishing up their own snowy creations, so the account of Cici’s reaction comes from them. Apparently, Cici started prancing around all high and mighty as a show of being large and in charge, and at one point she even positioned her very large horse rear end as if she was ready to KICK my snow lady down! Can you believe that? Such lack of appreciation!

I only posed my snow lady with the muck rake for this picture, so Cici had no excuse. Maybe she thought the carrot eyes were a bit creepy. They kind of are. And her smile is sort of suspicious too. Looking at the snow lady more objectively I can see why Cici was freaked out by her.  Hmm…sorry Cic! It’s the thought that counts, right?

I’m not very good at selfies, but Cici still looks cute. This is her, “Please let me come in the barn and eat hay and grain and be lazy” face. If a horse can have puppy dog eyes, these are hers.

The snow we got on this particular was the perfectly perfect kind. The temperature hovered around freezing and the snow was the right kind of packable. The minis were sporting their new turnout sheets to keep them dry and they seemed to know that they looked especially adorable. When they finally ventured away from the hay and moseyed over to the pine trees I had to snap some pictures. Pine trees, plus snow, plus horses, equals the perfect winter scene.

And then these two…

I told you – so adorable.

The chickens haven’t stepped out of their coop most of the week. They are hearty buggers though, and the cold really isn’t bothering them. It’s the snow. In my experience, chickens don’t really care for it. The coop is nice and toasty and they are continuing to lay a good supply of eggs so all is well there.

The humans and dogs in the farmhouse are about done with the bitter cold that came after the perfect snow. Bundling up is the name of the game when we need to expose ourselves to the elements. It’s all part of life in New England, right? Just when we can’t stand the thought of one more day with single digit wind chills, we’ll get a break and 25 degrees will feel like summer. Ha!

Cold weather is perfect for sitting in front of the Christmas tree, wrapped in a fleece blanket, with a cup of cocoa, while online shopping. Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? I’m close. Yet far. I’m not really sure how I managed before online ordering was a thing…

Merry Christmas!