So. I’m in the process of learning what kind of blogger I am as it pertains to life in the crooked yellow farmhouse. I’ve tried posting decor updates and found myself bored silly. Who really cares about the cute sign I found for above my mantle? I mean, it’s nice and all, but I’m figuring out that that isn’t the kind of stuff I find interesting to write about. And yet, I enjoy reading other posts about such things – so go figure. I’d rather document the cool stuff that has to do with the HOUSE, not the decorating of it. That pretty much eliminates this blog from ever being followed by farmhouse décor people. And, that’s okay with me. I think I’m more of a This Old House person. There are definitely times when the décor and old house stuff intertwine – that’s the kind of thing I enjoy most. For instance, light fixtures and wiring.

These are a couple of the lights that were hanging in the foyer area. They pretty much represent all the light fixtures hanging throughout the house. These particular lights are new, but there are original lights in the house too. They look like this:

The ‘new’ fixtures are not my taste – they are too gold. Long ago I outlawed gold anything from our house – fixtures, picture frames, hardware, etc. Brushed nickel was in, and I was happy. But, you know how it goes; trends change. And then we bought an old house with antique bronze hardware and fixtures. And now I kind of love antique bronze! I mean, just look at this doorknob – gorgeous, right?

And the thing about these antique bronze fixtures in our old house is that they are ACTUALLY ANTIQUE – Ha! That’s the best part!

While love the doorknobs and the coolness of the old light fixtures, we really wanted to change the look in the house from vintage Victorian to a more farmhouse feel.  I’m also learning that I really like the farmhouse/industrial combination. This light replaced one of the  flashy gold ones in the hallway:

See? Farmhouse meets Industrial – talk about two styles that work really well together.

Now, it’s important to note that changing light fixtures in an old house can present some challenges. For us, it was finding lights that had an on/off twisty switch versus just being hardwired. Most of the lights in our house are wall sconces with either pull switches (like the original light pictured above) or on/off twisty switches like you can see in the new light.

I thought I’d ordered lights that had the on/off switch, but when they arrived it was clear that they did not. So, I did a little research and discovered that you could easily add a pull switch mechanism to a hard-wired wall sconce, and when Ed took down the old lights he discovered that you could also easily add an on/off twisty switch! He simply had to drill a hole in the base of the fixture for the switch, hook up the wires, and VOILA!

We make a good team, Ed and me. I think my job is coming up with the plan, and his job is executing it. I love having a handy husband. 🙂 Now, off to plan the next project! Ha!


And just because safety is important, I leave you with this:



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